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    Welcome to Nyro Download Center

    Please read the installation guide below first. The images contains the links, so just click them.

    Download Full Installer
    Note: This is a complete installer of NYRO, this include all files you need to play NYRO.
    Last Update: 2019-03-24

    Download Lite Installer
    Note: It is recommended to use the latest KRO Client to avoid errors that may make the client crash (Lite Installer).


    kRO Client Only
    Note: This is a Full Installer of Korea Official RO Client ONLY you need to download our Lite Installer later.


    DirextX & Graphics Card Download

    Full Installer Installation Guide
    Full Installer download guide
    1) Click & Download the file from Mediafire.
    2) After you got the Files, double click and install it.
    3) After the installation is completed, Run & Patch your 'NyRO Patcher.exe' then enjoy the game!

    RMS download guide
    1) Just follow the instruction in RateMyServer.
    2) After the installation is completed, download our Small Patch then follow the instruction of Small Patch.

    Lite Installer Installation Guide
    Make sure your full installer is updated.
    1. Download Nyro Lite Installer.
    2. Make sure you do not have a 'Data' folder inside the kRO Client folder (Delete or Backup it).
    3. Install Nyro small patch inside the kRO Client folder.
    4. After the installation is completed Run & Patch your NyRO Patcher.exe then enjoy the game~

    System Specs to Run NyRO

    Operating System

    Windows-based  (with administrative ability to install and patch)


    Pentium II, 400MHz  (or better)

    Memory (RAM)

    128 MB  (or higher)

    Hard Disk Space

    1.7 GB  (after installation)

    Monitor Resolution

    640 x 480  (or higher)

    Video Card

    Any with 3D Acceleration & at least 16MB on-board RAM

    Sound Card

    DirectSound  (or compatible with 3D Sound Effect Support)

    Input Devices

    Keyboard & Mouse

    Internet Connection

    56 kbps (or faster)


    8.1 (or newer)

    It is also recommended to have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) installed. You can find the software here!

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