1 S h i n o b i 333
    2 Nightcrawler 287
    3 XyLaN1230 231
    4 Dokman 205
    5 Xaviers 187

    Server Information

    NYRO is a 5 years old server and online since September 1,2013 [No Wipeout & No Closing].

    In this section you will learn about our server features, Unique features, and important information you might need to get settled in our server. If you have any further questions or concerns, we welcome you to join our forum and share your thoughts.

    General Information
           Rates: 50k / 50k / 5k / MVP card drop 10%
           Max Level: 500 / 120
           Max Stats: 500
           Max Aspd: 197
           Main Town: Prontera
           Party Range: 100
           Renewal System: No
           Instant Cast: 150 Dex
           No Skill Cast Delay: Yes
           Custom Gears: Yes

    Player Commands
    @commands, @go, @warp, @storage, @main, @rates, @mobinfo, @monsterinfo, @mi, @iteminfo, @ii, @whodrops, @time, @date, @serverdate, @servertime, @jailtime, @uptime, @showexp, @autoloot, @alootid, @autotrade, @at, @pettalk, @homtalk, @hominfo, @noask, @follow, @duel, accept, @leave, @reject, @breakguild, @leaveguild, @guildinvite

    Server Features
           Job Changer        Town / Dungeon Warper
           Automated Events        Custom Pets
           Stat / Skill Resetter        Platinum Skill NPC
           Card Remover        Buff NPC
           Custom Maps        Newbie Package
           Skill Points Remover        Wing Forge System
           iRO Daily Quest        Prophetic Arena
           Fahrros Square        Guild vs Guild
           Maroll Battleground        Colosseum
           Guardian Force Instance (FF8)        Materia System (FF7)
           Gem System        Charm (Diablo)
           VIP System        Unique Mining System

           Emperium HP - 314 (1 damage per hit)
           Disabled perfect dodge from LUK stat.
           Disabled status ailment immunity from the stat.
           Modified some 3rd job skills for balance purpose.
           Removed the weight of Arrow, Bullet & Kunai.
           Golden Thief Bug Card - Reduces magic damage by 25%.
           Belzebub Card Bug Card - DEX + 15.
           Kiel-D-01 Card - ATK + 4%, MATK + 4%.
           Removed coma effect in all items & skills.
           Endless Tower 1-day cooldown with daily rewards.
           Item Slot - Weapon[4], Shield[2], Headgear[2], Armor[2], Footgear[2], Garment[2], Accessory[2,3,4].

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